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- Leonardo Da’Vinci



It's your confidence, your vision, your power, your frequency.



Their farms, their crops, their livelihood, their legacy.



Luxury that awakens, quality that sets new standards, simplicity that changes the game.

We are a family run company with a vision for a future that is abundant and infinite…for us, for you, for them. Like the universe, we believe you have no end…and our products will take you to the edge and beyond.




Give. Give from the place in your heart that knows no bounds and that believes in the infinite nature of things. A gift given with love, from an abundant heart, will return to you a thousand fold.

We believe in giving first. We pour every ounce of love into everything we do and everyone around us - including you! We give freely without expectation, to invite abundance for all. This is our motto, our mission, our core value at Maya Apothecary. Even when there is no direct exchange, life is continuously giving back to those who give freely from the heart.


Dare to dream, to be unreasonable in your desires, and unabashed in your energetic pursuit of what brings you joy.

We carry a big vision, for us and for you, too. We push ourselves to deliver the unexpected, to defy the impossible, and to explore life beyond the known and the comfortable. Our vision is big, and we know that it takes a village. Will you come with us?

We know that each of us are here with a divine purpose, set on a path to fulfill. Don’t be afraid to dream big, live courageously, and express your most authentic self. She’s in there. Set her free.


Quiet revolution never changed the world. We believe that our voices, actions, creations, and connections are what build the world we desire to see. We also believe in the infinite nature of each unique individual, expressing itself perfectly. We believe, in you. It is our greatest desire to see you explore the edges of your own being and to evolve and expand into the very desires of your heart that seem to be the most improbable, because those desires are exactly what this world needs.


When we see the world around us as part of us, and we see the people we interact with daily as part of our own family, we treat life more graciously, and we live more mindfully. With each breath we remember we are not alone - and neither are you. We are committed to connection, community and compassion, and we are building Maya, and our community, to bring more women together with like hearts and minds, so that we may all know the power of what it is to be truly loved and deeply supported.


We have a choice, always. To create beauty around us and spread the joy of all that is earthly and magnificent. We cherish the minutiae of everyday life, and we make it wildly beautiful. Why? So that you can experience life this way too. Beauty is a way of life, and we choose it everyday for our customers, our suppliers, and ourselves. We hope you feel this as an expression of deep love.


Something within these products and rituals subtly guides women into their own knowing. It’s a way for women to access freedom within themselves.

Freedom is knowing who you are and expressing it fully. It’s owning every inch of the space you take up, and being unafraid to take up more.

It’s the feeling of being wildly satisfied with the present moment, celebrating it, and then choosing to expand into more, to receive more.


Each one of our lovingly handcrafted products is infused with a very specific frequency, which is strategically paired with a delightfully intoxicating essential oil blend that matches the essence and intention of that frequency; each one producing a notable and desirable effect. The intended benefits of each frequency range from reducing anxiety and calming the nervous system, to activating the pineal gland and supporting visualisation and manifestation practices, to cellular renewal and regeneration. Famous physicist Nikola Tesla also researched energetic frequencies and claimed that if we could eliminate certain frequencies that interfered with our bodies then we could lower the chances of disease.

The frequencies we use are infused when the product is in a liquid state, at higher temperatures, using sound. The vibrational attunement of water and oil molecules to sound is a long studied phenomenon and scientifically proven practice which is being used in healing and meditation, and even in some medical treatments, more and more. The ancient wisdom of healing sound dates back many thousands of years, to vedic traditions and the origin of music and tone used for healing and unifying mind and body. The primordial tone of OM is a great example. For more information on each of the individual frequencies, please see the individual product pages.



I started Maya Apothecary, quite by accident, trying to find the best organic body butter for my own dry, irritated skin.

But that's not why you are here reading this. This business grew from something entirely different - she grew from a simple and commanding invitation from God, a whisper between the heavens and my own heart.

We exist to inspire a sense of aliveness, to elevate the feminine, to create beautiful things that elicit joy and that foster a deeper sense of connection to self, other and the entire cosmos.

I birthed this business with a vision and singular focus; to stretch the present moment until it fits around your entire being, so that you can witness yourself as you truly are, without your story - because within that presence exists the exquisite perfection and infinite expanse of your very being.

Within your ability to hold what is here now, you open yourself to receiving everything you most deeply desire.

May you know yourself, may you see yourself as God sees you.

May this moment open you to the wisdom of your own heart.

May you know that you are safe, supported and abundantly provided for, always, and in all ways.

Xo Alyeria

From Seed

to Skin

Our commitment is to you, to our beautiful planet, and to the people who produce our raw materials and who lovingly ensure that every jar is made with care and reverent intention.

Our highest hope is that we are able to inspire a more mindful and present, reflective way of living and being, as we do so in our own practices and production of our products.

Sourcing our ingredients has been a point of pride and an honor for me. We work tirelessly to ensure that as we source, we consider not only the quality, authenticity and farming practices of each supplier, but that we are also mindful of the journey that each one of our potent, exotic oils, herbs and extracts make on their way to the jar, and we make it a priority to source as locally as possible to avoid unnecessarily adding to our ecological footprint from exuberant shipping.

While sourcing locally is not always possible with some of our more exotic ingredients, wherever possible, we source only the highest quality, nutrient rich organic, bio-dynamic, wild-harvested and fair trade materials, taking additional steps to secure relationships with small family farms, co-operatives and fair trade suppliers who honor the planet and pour love into their farming practices.

For us, frequency is about more than just what we infuse into the product during the production process, it’s everything from how something is grown, the richness of the soil, the hands who harvest it and how they are treated and paid for their time and energy, how it is packaged, shipped and handled from the moment a seed is planted, to the moment it touches your skin.

Transparency is paramount to us, and we want to ensure that you know exactly what is in each product, where and how it was grown, and by whom, and that you are able to clearly see the production lifecycle, from seed to skin.






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