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General FAQ

If your questions are not answered below, send us a note at


There’s a mistake in my order, what should I do?

If you had an issue with your order, and need to change anything, please email us at

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do! International shipping costs are calculated at checkout and international orders have a shipping fee of $30.

Can I change an order after purchasing?

If you let us know as soon as possible, we can always change an order if it hasn’t left our facility yet. Just email us at

When will my order be delivered?

For all orders placed during our pre-launch sale (from 08/2021 - 10/2021) your order will be delivered in JANUARY 2022

What is your return policy?

We offer full refunds on all returns made within 30 days of your purchase date. Please just email us

If I’m ordering a gift, can you personalise it?

Absolutely! We love gift orders and we are so grateful that you want to share the love and magic of Maya with your loved ones. Thank you!

We write personalised notes and can add gift wrapping to any order, just email us at with your order number and who it is for - and anything else you would like to add - as soon as you have completed your order.

I’m on a budget, do you have any alternate payment options?

We have the option to use Afterpay coming soon, which will be helpful to those who want to try the product, and who feel that this is a little bit of stretch for your budget. Luxury can sometimes feel stretchy, and we invite you to play with your powers of manifestation and see what new, exciting and creative ideas you can come up with for incorporating some small luxuries into your life while you work on making room for even bigger things that are yet to come!

We promise, this little investment will also open the door for greater and more exciting things in every way as you attune to new frequencies and remember what it’s like to really dream!

How does your jar return program work?

We started the jar return program to ensure an easier way to re-cycle and up-cycle the jars we use. Firstly because glass isn’t always easy to recycle, and our plastic lids aren’t either. We wanted to find a way to keep using them fully until the end of their life cycle, when they wear out or break.

Because of this we have partnered with an amazing LA based candle maker ( re-use. If you would like to return your jar, simply email and we will send you a shipping label to send your jar back to us. Please ensure that the jar is properly secured in a box, with adequate protection to prevent breakages.


Do you offer refunds / returns?

Yes we offer returns for all items within 30 days of purchase, go HERE or email us with your order number at

Can I cancel an order and get a refund on an item I haven’t received yet?

If you need to cancel an order simply email and we will issue a refund. If your order has already shipped, we will also send you a return label.

Which items are returnable?

All items listed and purchased through this website are returnable


Do you sell travel sizes or samples?

We plan to have samples and travel sized items available once we launch “officially” in January of 2022.

What do I do if my product is melted or grainy?

Some products, like the Wild Femme evening balm, are made entirely from natural plant ingredients and are therefore sensitive to heat. If your product is a little melted, stick it in the fridge overnight! If you live somewhere hot, keep it in the fridge and let it be a cooling and refreshing delight to your routine.

If it’s grainy, just seal the jar tightly, and place it in hot water that you have boiled and taken off the stove. Leave it for 30 minutes to melt through, and then place it in the freezer overnight.

Should I refrigerate my product?

While it is not necessary, if you live in a hot climate we definitely think that refrigeration of our oils, butters and balms can make for a beautifully cooling and calming, anti-inflammatory effect.

Everything we make is produced fresh to ensure the joy of using something in its most potently natural state, and each of our products will last 12 months without any refrigeration at all.

How long do the products last? What is the shelf life?

All our products are labelled with a 12 month shelf life. Some will last longer, but we definitely advise opening them within 3 months of purchase, and using them up within the 12 months.

What if I have skin sensitivities to nuts?

Our products currently contain Shea Butter and Coconut oil which can cause sensitivities to some people who have extreme nut allergies, although in the future we do hope to have alternative choices available with other bases.

Why do you use black glass (Miron Violet Glass)?

We are passionate about protecting the integrity and freshness of the products we create, and we have found from research that the miron glass does an exceptional job of protecting the delicate potency of the wild, exotic and beautiful plant oils we use in every jar. The less light there is, the more potent the product, and that’s the end result we want for you and your beautiful skin.

Are these products safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms?

All of our products are formulated to be as safe and effective for as possible, that includes for moms-to-be, new mothers, breastfeeding moms, and for kids! Our beautiful body balm and lotions are all natural, and are the perfect accompaniment to the wonderful journey of motherhood. Our evening ritual balm will ease a tired pregnant body, and support the most restful sleep, and many of our products are loved by little ones too.

The Illuminate body butter is ideal for skin irritations, burns, scrapes, sunburn and nappy rashes, and the Wild Femme balm is also a wonderful treat for soothing irritated skin, and has been known to ease the symptoms of eczema, dry skin, cradle cap and other general maladies that come with being little.

Do your products contain wheat, soy, or dairy?

No, none of our products contain any wheat, soy or dairy.

Are your products vegan?

Yes, all of our products are currently vegan. In our future lines the only non-organic product we might use would be honey or bees-wax, and wherever possible we choose vegan alternatives.

Are all the ingredients organic?

Our ingredients are a source of pride for us, and we go to great lengths to ensure the freshness, quality, and purity of each of the carefully selected ingredients we use, and deliver them to you in meticulously crafted and curated packages with love and care.

Not all ingredients we use can be certified organic however, simply due to how they are made. For example, essential oil absolutes are made using an alcohol extraction and cannot be organically certified, even though all the flowers and plants are grown organically and without pesticides. We do however, source everything that we can from organic and fair trade, small suppliers and farms, and some of our ingredients even hold a standard that is better than organic, such as some of our wild-harvested and biodynamic ingredients.

Sometimes, we source from farms and producers that are small, conscious, and cannot necessarily afford the slightly ridiculously priced fees that it would cost to get their “organic certification” for the sake of a label. While their products are absolutely grown organically, or wild harvested, we can’t always ensure they are certified. We would rather support a small farm, than worry about a corporate certification

We are committed to delivering the absolute best, highest quality products we can, and sometimes the “best” isn’t always aligned with these certifications. We do however have all information on each of the products we use, and the farms and companies they are sourced from, so if you’d like to enquire about their story, please feel free to email us at and we will be happy to chat.

We do plan on having a “transparency” page up on the website soon, with the full story and sourcing info on all our ingredients, so keep an eye out for these updates.

Do you test on animals?

No, we absolutely do not, and never will, test any of our products or ingredients on animals. We are also incredibly selective about where and how we source our individual product ingredients and always ensure that they are never tested on animals either. We also avoid all harsh chemicals or any unnaturals products, which are usually the ones tested on animals. All of our products are made with the finest quality, plant based ingredients.

Are essential oils safe?

The misinformation that is rampant in the world around essential oils is one of the things we are working to try and educate people on through our process and products. This is one of the areas we are most passionate about.

Sourcing pure, unadulterated and undiluted essentials oils is becoming an increasingly challenging task, and we are so blessed and fortunate to work with a supplier who does a lot of this for us, and who has unbending quality standards that meet our requirements.

Essential oils that are readily available online are often completely mislabelled and usually diluted, and of terrible quality. There is currently no regulation on the essential oil market and many people who believe they have strong sensitivities to essential oils are actually reacting to the sometimes harsh ingredients used in most of these products to dilute, or inadequately process the “essential oil.”

Some people do have sensitivities to essential oils, and for those that do we highly recommend alternative skincare products. However, even if you do have a sensitivity, or have had in the past, we would recommend reaching out to us and we can send you a sample to test. Who knows, our products might be the perfect match!


What is a ritual?

At Maya, we like to think of rituals as little moments in life where you can slow down and reflect, restore yourself to balance, and bring about new awareness. They are curated moments of intention.

A ritual could be simply taking 5 minutes between each new task throughout the day, to connect with your breath.

It could be counting 3 blessings when you open your eyes in the morning. Or lighting a candle for a moment before bed.

It could be stretching for a while before getting dressed to reconnect to your breath and give your body some love, or being still for a moment and giving thanks before digging into a plate of food.

Rituals are intentional moments of presence.

We can create them in everything we do, and tie them to our daily routines and habits, breathing new life into part of ourselves by taking more time to be really, truly present with our bodies, hearts and souls.

What are the benefits of skincare rituals?

A ritual is more than a routine. A routine is rote, it is memorised in the body as a set of movements we often do unconsciously. A ritual is about slowing down, and noticing even the tiniest of movements.

Skincare rituals allow us to slow down as we are moving through our morning or evening, to connect with our body, face and skin.

The benefit is in our ability to regulate our own nervous systems. It’s why we started with body care at Maya - because we spend so much time focusing on our face, we often forget to connect to the rest of our being, to really hold ourselves.

The gentle caress of your hands upon your own skin stimulates nervous system responses that indicate safety, security, affection and love. It calms the nerves, eases stress, and gives us a sense of calm, peaceful relaxation.

We can learn to love ourselves by giving ourselves the basic things we need - words of kindness and affirmation, moments of tender loving touch, gifts in the form of new products, and time spent caring for ourselves.

Skincare routines can be particularly beneficial because we learn more about our bodies, we offer our body and skin the attention we crave, and we begin to gently love the parts we often overlook or unconsciously say negative things about - like the wrinkles and cellulite we would rather hide, fix or edit out.

This is a practice in self love, and in the same breath, we are nourishing, healing, regulating and restoring ourselves.

How do I know if I’m doing it right?

Does it feel good? Great, then you’re doing it right. It might feel awkward or uncomfortable at first when we start to design and explore new rituals for ourselves, but slowly we find a rhythm and a cadence that is our own, that feels right, and that fills us up so that we feel more resourced, capable, calm and effective.

Rituals are a way to love yourself, and if you’re not used to slowing down and spending more intentional time with yourself then this could feel a little weird, but don’t worry, taking the first step is part of the process, and allowing all your feelings and uncertainties to surface and be loved, is part of the journey to loving all of you.

Please reach out to us and share anything you want to, and ask us questions along the way.

Is there a resource available to help guide me in my rituals?

Yes, our Facebook Group is an amazing resource, as well as some of the posts on our IG page. You can also find many blog posts in our rituals section on the website.






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