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Our Promise

Hello beautiful

And welcome to our magical world.

At Maya, our mission is to elevate the feminine, to support women like you in rediscovering the power and potency of your own intuitive truth, to guide you on the journey home to yourself, to the heart of what matters most, in the exquisite exploration of self-love.

To that end, it is our enduring promise to provide a safe, luxurious, and enlivening experience for you to rest in, and products that align with these intentions.

Each one of our products is lovingly crafted, meticulously formulated and produced in small batches that set the bar for skincare everywhere.

We are relentless in our pursuit of magical moments, and ensuring that we use only the very best, most lovingly and naturally grown, cared for and crafted ingredients that make their way into each jar and bottle we sell.

We are a “conscious” company. We strive to slow down at each step of the process and set clear intentions that align with our desired outcomes.

We promise that every drop is held to these standards.

We source and procure the finest, organic, biodynamic, wildcrafted and naturally produced ingredients we can, and always seek safe and natural alternatives to meet every need in the formulation process.

Our jars are Miron Violet Glass, which protects each ingredient from the effects of light, which keeps every one of these wildly indulgent ingredients as fresh and potent as they can possibly be.

We promise to always do our absolute best to support humanity and to love our beautiful planet by sourcing, producing and packaging as ethically and sustainably as possible, while never compromising the beauty and luxury experience we deliver.

We promise that you will experience love in everything we do.

We promise that if you don’t absolutely love these products, within 30 days of purchasing them, we will offer you all your money back.






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